The annual symposium of Rokaceram Company was held in Avan Hall

Mohammad Khayat in this symposium, stating that we believe in changing the vision of life and building sustainable values, continued: “Relying on this belief, our vision is to produce porcelain of the highest quality, so that it is suitable for use inside and outside the building.” . While being able to supply this product to the whole world, we can become one of the best manufacturers of technical ceramics in the world with wide application.

He also went on to discuss the developments based on the mission and vision defined by this collection and acknowledged: It is obvious that in order to develop this evolutionary and transformational view and turn it into reality, there are two fundamental changes, namely production change and scientific and structural change. And personnel are needed.

Khayyat stated that this production change will include changes in the three parts of daily production area, quality in production and type of production, said: In the quantity section, today our production area is more than the nominal capacity of the machines in this collection.

“In Rocasram, quality has always taken precedence over quantity,” he said. We do it so that the quality is not harmed.

The private sector activist said: “In discussing the type of production and the special sector of the market, we also decided to move the organization towards focusing on the production of specific products by adding the required machinery.” In such a way that in the future, choosing Rocasram products will turn the customer into a brand, and choosing from Rocasram product portfolio will be a special definition of the customer in the market.